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Manufacturers of metal & wooden models for foundries

Since 1985, the Modelleria Modini carries out production and construction of models, shells for gravity casting, low pressure boxes of hot and cold soul and cordis for mergers of ferrous materials.The constant technology upgrades, owing to newer innovations, have enabled us to achieve a high standard of production quality and subsequently offer complete satisfaction to our customers.

Our experience

The Modelleria Modini has more than 30 years of market experience behind it. Our rich experience and innovation combined with the use of cutting-edge technologies is what sets it apart from others. We only employ highly qualified staff with considerable experience in our workshop which is equipped with the best machinery from reputed brands across the world. Our finishing process involves minutely putting together and assembling every little part of the product, thereafter simulating the cold cycles and verifying the mechanical operation. Through this we ensure that the end result is a high percentage of shells that would require retouching, thus avoiding unnecessary working hours and translating into a cost effective end product for the customer.
Modelleria Modini in Gussago

Turnkey solution providers

Our services cover the entire range in our sector and include everything you need for your minutest to largest requirements. Whether it's shells for gravity, core boxes for low-pressure molds, metal and resin models, casting molds or construction of models, the Modelleria Modini guarantees its clients the classic turnkey package, relieving them of all worries by taking care of everything from design to sampling.
Efficiency and speed have always best characterized our work. We take immense pride in being recognized for these qualities amongst companies and large foundries throughout the national territory and abroad.

High quality products

With 30 years of experience in the industry, we are now characterized with a presence that combines experience and innovation through the use of cutting-edge technologies based on programming and processes performed on CNC machines. Our workshop, which employs highly qualified staff that has gained considerable experience in the field, is equipped with a continuous numerical control machinery of the best brands. In the finishing section, the pieces are checked in each small part and then assembled, simulating cold cycles and checking for proper mechanical operation. This way you get a high percentage of shells that later will not need retouching, thus avoiding the customer having to unnecessarily wasting hours work.

For information about our services, call on +39 030 3739148

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